Name:automatic vegetables washer
Company:Beijing HongDeTong Technology Co.Ltd

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Product Detailed:


HDT-650A Vegetable Washer is developed and manufactured by our company to wash the vegetable with stem leaves as mushroom, celery, spinach and Chinese cabbage; fruit and vegetable as apple, tomato, chili, eggplant, cucumber and strawberry beans and peas, also widely used in vegetable processing industry and dining rooms of industrial enterprises, troops, hospitals and universities and colleges catering centers.



Be able to disinfect the water for washing with UV/O3 water treatment system installed, eliminate harmful bacteria and decompose pesticides residue effectively; there is baffle plate in the machine to separate the vegetable and residual for decreasing turbidity value and increasing the cyclic utilization ratio which can conserve 80% of the water for washing as well as saving manpower; easy operation, time-saving, low energy consumption, safe, clean and high efficiency.


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