Name:fish skinner HDT3000
Company:Beijing HongDeTong Technology Co.Ltd

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Product Detailed:

HDT-3000 fish skinner application :

Removing outer skin of fishes such as catfish ,mukket,batashi,bata,alaska pollack,salmon, sea beam,flatfish,stingaree,tilapia squid etc.

Technical Specifications

* Dimensions : 620L x  5700W  x  900H
* Weight     : 100 Kg
* Material   : Stainless steel
* Electrical connection : 220/380V, 50/60 Hz,single phase or  3Phases
* Motor      : 750W
* Roller speed : 22m/min
* Skin Capacity    :  3,000pcs fish per hour


* Skin roller is made by special stainless steel which has been specially treated  
   ,therefore, it  lasts for  longer time than other similiar machine.
* Skin roller is specially produced ,so the surface of the fish is clean and the actual
   outcome of cutting efficiency is more than 99 %, which maximize the capability and
* The blades can be adjusted front and back up and down so it can be applied to skin any
   kind of fishes
* The input insert place,bottom support,upper board and others can be separated with
   one touch action, therefore, the machine can be washed out easily and always kept
* popularly used in seafood processing factories plants .


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