Name:Fruits PE packing net bag machine
Company:Beijing HongDeTong Technology Co.Ltd

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Product Detailed:

Fruits PE foam packing net bag production line  Model-75X is the top advanced 5th generation machine in whole world with high stability and reliability and highest output 1 million two hundred thousand pcs fruits packing net bags per day.

Fruits apple mango, pear, melon PE foam net packing pouch bag is made by the integration technology of special extruding and heating up foaming molding technology in continuum production of LDPE FOAM net bag (pouch). The foam net pouch is suitable for packing various fruits, apple, pear , peach, mango, orange etc, glassware, flower etc with excellent elasticity and springness feature for breakage proof anti crush in transportation for exportation goods in cartons.

The machines(production line) are applicable to

produce foam pouch, PE foam packing sheet, foam nets foam net pad to pack bigger items and foam pipes for covering the aircondition cooling copper pipes, foam bars etc by means of changing the machine head(extruding mold) and corresponding auxiliary machine.

The importer is able to get all investment back within 6 month or in one fruits harvest by continuous production .

Output Capacity : about 1, 200, 000pcs apple net pouch bags per day at size of 12cm long and 8cm width two end open, or 250, 000pcs apple net packing bags one end open the other end narrow.

Total power : 42KW

Total power consumption per day around 200kw due to frequency inverters transducers are used .

each apple PE faom packing net bag cost is only USD0.0008 per pce made by this production line. The machine video clip is available at buyers request. this machine equiped with a automatic filter net exchanger to replace the blocked filter net easily, quickly without stop production and recycling PE granule can be used by this machine.


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