Name:digital cutter slicer
Company:Beijing HongDeTong Technology Co.Ltd

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Product Detailed:

automatic digital  cutter slicer machine Model-HDT80, which cut all the raw material  of plantain  fruits vegetables cucumber ginger , carrot,  or leaves,herbs  etc into slices or segments or stripes (1mm to 30mm adjustable equiped in 2 blades assembly Type B. capacity 800kg to 1000kg per hour , or 1mm to 5mm in 3 blades assembly Type A. capacity 800kg to 2000kg,  ).

This automatic digital slicer is widely used in food processing or fruits vegetables

Processing plants, restaurants, hotels, catering centers.

This slicer cutter is digital cutter slicer  with automatic conveyer to feed the  raw material cut into slices or segments automatically from 1mm to 30mm  just by finger clicking adjusting the meter digital number from 1mm to 30mm easily evenly and accurately.

Such as sweet potato ,banana, Plantain ,carrot, asparagus , string beans, Cucumber,

Celery ,eggplant , ginger , leaves ,herbs etc  .

the max diameter  thickness of sliced items should not over 9cm.


capacity          :      800kg to 2000kg per hour .

power             :      1.6KW

machine weight    :      155kg.

made by stainless steel.



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